Your Experience should be their guide

Dear Alumni,

As an initiative to help and guide our young ones who reach the cross roads of life in the 10th and 12th standard, we plan to publish the experiences of as many Alumni members as possible.

Request each one of you to write an essay about your journey in life after you left school till date. Salient features should be as follows:

Why I took up this career

How was the journey in that path

Are you satisfied with what you achieved

Do you recommend the same path

Any tips that would help them while they travel that path.

We have :-

Pilots who have touched the sky with glory,

Divers who have seen the bottom of the sea.

Bankers at different levels

Teachers and Principals

Doctors both Medical and Academic

Armed forces personnel

Civil services Officers and staff

and many many more from all walks of life

Please add your essay as a response to this article and it should be as follows

“I  (your Name)   am what I am ……( enter your profession or designation)… because ………………………………………………………………………………


Lets hope it helps to guide them and help them select their path.



Unable to get over the feeling

The event that unfolded on 11 Nov 2017, that got etched in our memories.

I will bring it to you all in Photo phases for those of you who missed it.

Photo Phase 1 is the Preparations for the event

Photo Phase 2 are of the Teachers who attended

Photo Phase 3 are of the Alumni who attended

Photo Phase 4 are of  the Interactions sessions

Photo Phase 5 are of the felicitations of our Teachers and Non Teaching staff

As the photos are large in number, you will receive the links in sequence and on different dates ( Just to keep the suspense ……..)


Our School days under the Tamarind Tree

When I look back at the times gone by, I realise that I had a memorable place called school. Not that I loved to study a lot but the time spent in school with friends and the ambiance was great. Kids of today see it in pictures or dreams but we have lived through the same dream.

When I moved from Primary to Middle school which was across the road, it was an experience which cannot be narrated in words but needs to be experienced by oneself.

Though it was an old tiled building, we never had fans and we did not feel its necessity, The windows were big enough to keep the class fully ventilated. We did not use the lights as it wasn’t required. The place was well lit by the sunshine.

We had a huge play ground and at the periphery we had our good old Tamarind trees.

tamarind tree

We sat under it when tired after a good game of Baseball or Football. After lunch we would climb the trees and play Monkey catching game. Literally we would all turn into monkeys, climbing , swinging and jumping from branch to branch. During the season of tamarinds we would eat as many as possible, both ripe and raw.  

Imli ki pead. (Hope i pronounced it correct)

There would not be a single soul from our school who would not have sat or played under this wonderful tree. Our soul mate at school.

Principal and the PT master would be around to keep us from climbing over it and playing as a fall from it could leave you with a bruised arm or broken limbs.

Now that the school has moved its location, the trees are in its place, untouched by the urbanisation or growth of concrete jungle around it. As the seasons change they too shed their old leaves and new leaves sprout, raw tamarind hang around till they ripen and fall to the ground. I am sure as we miss those trees they too miss us a lot.

Long live our memories of these wonderful trees, our companions, which with stood the changing times for decades and generations.

Alumni Meet : Batch 89 (with a correction)

The hangover is not yet over, 11th Nov has surely etched into the memories of all those who could make it and those who watched the live streaming of the same.

I found one particular batch of friends who loved each others company and was bubbling with a lot of energy.

I got them to write a small note about themselves and whew!!! they have energy, untapped energy, here is there note……..

“We are the batch of 1989 (X std) and 1991 (XII std) for quite a few who stayed on in Kendriya Vidyalaya Jalahalli -1 to complete our XII std.

Like several batches before us and after us, our batch mates have gone across the world and have done exceedingly well in several professions, which have made a difference to India and also in the world.

We have folks working in the Armed Forces, Corporate world, the social sector, fine arts, medicine, engineering ( the list is not comprehensive by any means); our batch mates have in the past and will continue to make a difference in the future.

Our batch is special in some sense, the timing of our batch graduating from school coincided with some defining moments which have changed our Nation forever. The economic crisis of 1991 which led to liberalization if our policies, the explosion of Indian IT outsourcing industry, the use of Internet by common people(albeit with a 9.6 kbps dial-up modem in those days)…. Just to name a few.

We are special because we got the best of both the worlds; the earlier India; rich with its traditions, values and everything that we cherish and hold dear along with the best of modernity, advancement and growth.

We are the batch of 1989 K.V.J No 1 Jalahalli West.”


Let me introduce you to them, from the left is Rajbala, Dr. Jyothirmayee, Premlatha, Stanley, Avaneesh Akhoury (School Captain 89), Ranjan, Vivek, Bindhu, Prabind, Alka, Anil, Preethi, Binu, and Col Neeraj Singh.

Brief intro and their advice to the youngsters have been captured here

Rajbala R,   Bsc, MA, MEd,  Teacher,                                                                                                                                          Advice – Enjoy life as it comes …,  you never know where the bend is hidden…..  move on in the journey with less regrets and more memories
Dr. C S Jyothirmayee,     PhD in Life Sciences,      Senior Scientist @ Novozymes South Asia pvt Ltd
Advice: never say never…accept every challenge and go for it. We all have genius hidden in us…our life is to bring that out and shine in the world.
Career Guidance: Listen to your gut…it will show you the way what works for you.
Alka Snehi,,  Fashion Designer                                                                                                              Advice to youngsters:  Don’t follow the crowd….Stand out n shine
Bindu Prakash,  MBA Finance,    AVP & Business Head
Advice to youngsters : live every moment and be yourself. Be a good human being everything else will fall in place.
Vivek chandramouli, Bsc,  Volunteer in NGO’s and an avid marathoner.
Be charitable and pursue your passion. And most important “be yourself” everyone is unique and special.
Avaneesh Akhoury, B.Tech, MBA,                                                                                                                                      Present occupation : SVP & Head – Healthcare, AXA Business Services Ltd.                                        Advice to youngsters : Live your life as a student to the fullest, you won’t get back these years. So, study hard and play hard! Most importantly, make good and lasting friendships, they will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life…
Col Neeraj Singh, MSc,                                                                                                                                                 Armed forces
Hardwork always pays, even if you may lose in the beginning, but do not lose the lesson which has been learnt during this effort.
Interior Designer
Be honest and do good 😊. Never compare yourself with anybody. Be happy with what you have.

Here are few of their moments captured for ever………….

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A day Etched in Memory : 11 Nov 2017

Dear Buddies,

Yes, At last the D-Day arrived and what a day it was. God smiled at us with a lovely bright sunny day and put to rest all our fears of rain and disruption. The venue looked like this.



The early birds arrived to kick start this lovely event, a dream that was to unfold.


The the trickle turned into a deluge, as the participants and teachers started to arrive.

Participants were from batch 1970  to 2015 . A transition from the old to new.

IMG-20171008-WA0066                                    new logo


We also had an Alumni who became a Teacher and retired after serving in KVJ, Mrs Satyabhama. The oldest teacher to grace the occasion was Mrs Devadasan  aged 102 yrs.


Felicitated by the senior most batch of the Alumni, batch 1970,

Commander Naguib Arif, Ms.Jayalakshmi and Mrs.Sulekha, a proud moment for all.

Our Principal, who is the mentor of our teachers as well, Ms Kamalam Sethuraman, also graced the occasion with her presence and her talks.

Kamalam Sethuraman.

The rest of the commentary will be in photographs.


Our best support came from the Tech savvy batch 2014, Atul Nain and team, who also show cased his talent in Aviation technology by giving a demo of his creation a 4 rotor driven drone, assembled and controlled by him. His team ably supported him and made the event more lively.


A re-union for Teachers, Non Teaching staff and the Alumni, Culmination of a great effort from the EC team and the support received from one and all.

This is Varghese Samuel Batch 78 signing off after a wonderful day of great memories, till we meet again, adios amigo.